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Information on Gene Therapy (Terapia genica) and on The new frontiers of biomedicine in Genetics and Neruoscience (Le nuove frontiere della biomedicina nella genetica e nelle neuroscienze) coruses at Sapienza are on the elearning and infostud Sapienza websites. For teaching evalautions go on infostud website.


For internship send your cv to isabella.saggio@uniroma1.it 



If you're interested in PhD training/fellowships send your CV to isabella.saggio@uniroma1.it. Calls are to be searched on Sapienza web site "Dottorati".


Science journalism Master information and calls for participation are available on http://www.mastersgp.it.


Erasmus agreements and a double degree programme between Italy and France and Italy and Spain are set by saggiolab for Biology students. Infos here.


2017/2018 Master on stem cells and genome editing

A new international Master to work in the field of stem cells, gene therapy and tissue engineering. infos www.masterustem.it

Get a PhD fellowship

Send your CV to Isabella Saggio Infos

Bando Erasmus 2017

Become a science journalist

BrainVectors: Saggiolab activity on gene therapy vectors is financed by a EU international project

Saggiolab project selected for funding by PRF USA

Telethon to Saggiolab on progerias

Stoccolma a Roma: MasterSGP science metablog

How to get an International Degree - DDIF

Go here.

Get a fellowship for your DDIF in France. Go here.

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