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Information on Gene Therapy (Terapia genica) and on The new frontiers of biomedicine in Genetics and Neruoscience (Le nuove frontiere della biomedicina nella genetica e nelle neuroscienze) and Stem cell biology and appilcations courses at Sapienza are on the elearning and infostud Sapienza websites. For teaching evalautions go on infostud website.


For internship send your cv to isabella.saggio@uniroma1.it 



If you're interested in PhD training/fellowships send your CV to isabella.saggio@uniroma1.it. Calls are to be searched on Sapienza web site "Dottorati".


Master courses
SGP: Science journalism Master information and calls for participation are available on http://www.mastersgp.it.


uSTEM: Stem cells and genome editing Master in memoriam of Paolo Bianco,  information and call for participation are available on www.masterustem.it


Erasmus agreements and a double degree programme between Italy and France and Italy and Singapore are set by saggiolab for Biology students. Infos here.


Sapienza I. Saggio Courses

Master on stem cells and genome editing

A n international Master to work in the field of stem cells, gene therapy and tissue engineering. infos www.masterustem.it

Get a PhD fellowship

Send your CV to Isabella Saggio Infos

Become a science journalist


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Saggiolab project selected for funding by PRF USA

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