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PPT presentations I. Saggio

1- intro stem cell course 201819.pdf
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2- Stem cells general and skin-hemato 20
Adobe Acrobat Document 10.8 MB
3- Stem cells MSC ips 201819.pdf
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4- Stem cells cases 201819.pdf
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4bis - case studies ostegenesis.pdf
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5 - Stem cells SCID trial 20189.pdf
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5 bis stem cells and SCID.pdf
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6- crispr 2018-2019.pdf
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7- infos stem cells lezione 171018.pdf
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8- final infos.pdf
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I. Saggio Courses

Collaboration with NTU Singapore

Since 2016 an agreement has been signed to promote exchanges between Sapienza and Nanyang Technological University, infos isabella.saggio@uniroma1.it 

Master on stem cells and genome editing

A n international Master to work in the field of stem cells, gene therapy and tissue engineering. infos www.masterustem.it

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Send your CV to Isabella Saggio Infos

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