Erasmus programme and Double Degree (DDIF)

An Erasmus exchange in Biology is active between Rome Sapienza and Paris7 and between Rome Sapienza and the University of Barcelona  - Infos at Erasmus desk Sapienza and below.


A Double Degree programme with the University Paris 7 (DDIF): infos below.


Four outgoing students:

The DDIF and Erasmus fellowship can be combined; check deadlines for both . For other possible fellowships please contact


For incoming students:

Sapienza University has stipulated agreements for the accomodation of students in Rome

Please contact:

DDIF infos

Infos for DDIF Univeristy Sapienza/University Paris7
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Erasmus week

Details on the Erasmus week programme that is part of the DDIF can be found here

Erasmus procedures and agreements

Erasmus procedures for French students coming to Sapienza 2015-16
Application Procedures 2015-2016.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 232.3 KB
Erasmus procedures for Italian students going to Paris7 2015-16
Fact Sheet Paris 7 2015-16.pdf
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Erasmus agreement with University of Barcelona
Adobe Acrobat Document 749.0 KB
Erasmus agreement with University of Paris7
F PARIS007 (3).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 734.6 KB
Grading scales 2015-16
Grading scales Europe.pdf
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2017/2018 Starting courses

Gene therapy, start 021017


Le nuove frontiere della biomedicina nella genetica e nelle neuroscienze, start 031017


Biologia delle cellule staminali e loro applicazioni, start 021017

2017/2018 Master on stem cells and genome editing

A new international Master to work in the field of stem cells, gene therapy and tissue engineering. infos


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