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2 -neuro clinical trials 041019 (Read-On
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4-non viral literature classic NFB 13101
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6 nfb onyx stem cells 141019 (Read-Only)
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I. Saggio Courses

Collaboration with NTU Singapore

Since 2016 an agreement has been signed to promote exchanges between Sapienza and Nanyang Technological University, infos 

Master on stem cells and genome editing

An international Master to work in the field of stem cells, gene therapy and tissue engineering. infos

Get a PhD fellowship

Send your CV to Isabella Saggio Infos

Become a science journalist


Stoccolma a Roma - Premio Hansel e Greta

Scarica il bando e partecipa

infos Hansel e Greta

Fondazione Veronesi support to saggiolab

Saggiolab project selected for funding by PRF USA

FIRC support to saggiolab

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How to get an International Degree - DDIF

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