Curriculum A. Bastianelli

April 29, 1992, Velletri (RM), Italy




Italian citizen




Work address: Department of Biology and Biotechnology “Charles Darwin”, Sapienza University of Rome,






Phone: +39 3403171900












2016-present days: student of Neurobiology, “La Sapienza”, University of Rome. Student training in the


laboratory of Gene Therapy at “La Sapienza" University of Rome, Department of Genetics and Molecolar


Biology. Group leader: Prof. Isabella Saggio. Supervisor: Prof. Isabella Saggio.




2015: Laurea cum laude in Biological Science, “La Sapienza” University of Rome. Degree thesis title: il


ruolo del salicilato nell'alterazione della crescita indotta da aumentati livelli di profili molecolari associati al


danno (DAMP). Thesis project coordinator: Prof. De Lorenza Giulia, Department of Biology and


Biotechnology “Charles Darwin”,“La Sapienza” University of Rome..




2011: High School Degree,“Liceo scientifico A.Landi” Velletri (RM), Italy.








- Bacterial Transformation


- Mammalian cell cultures


- Mammalian cell transfection


- Plasmid DNA Purification (Maxiprep, Midiprep)


- Immunofluorescence assay on cells








· Operating systems: Windows and Mac Os X


· Microsoft Office: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point


· Adobe Suite: Adobe Photoshop CS6


· Web browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer












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