Saggiolab previous members

First Name Name Email Current position
Barbara Salone  

School professor


Monica Di Giovine  

Post doc


Yuri Martina


(Adaltis, Italy)

Daniele Avitabile

Post doc

(IDI, Italy)

Gioia Cherubini

Post doc

(Queen Mary's School of Medicine and Dentistry, London)

Vanessa Velotta  
Simonetta  Morese  
Marion Pilorge Student (Université Paris7, France)
Patrizia Ratano  
Patrizia Orlando   Technician (Italy)
Paola Caruso

PhD student 

University of Glasgow

Betty Freret-Hodara Student (Université Paris7, France)
Cristina Remoli

Post doc

Noemi Zambetti Post doc (Netherlands)
Constanza Cortiff    
Karen Uriot   (Université Paris7, France)
Giuliana Restante  
Rossella Costa Post doc Sapienza
Mariateresa Carcuro  
Letizia Astrologo Post doc Swittzerland
Anna Borroso    
Elena DiMatteo Researcher Nouscom
Stefania Piersanti    
Fabio  Colella    
Lunachira Masini    
Carla Mottini    
Giorgia Zanetti Post doc NY
Alex Bastianelli PhD student Sapienza
Chiara Merigliano Post doc LA USA
Simona  Del Giudice Post doc Naples
Federica Truglio  
Rosa Gullace    


I. Saggio Courses

Information on the courses is available on, Gomp Sapienza, Infostud, elearning and on Sapienza degree course website. The courses will start the week of October 5th, 2020 in blended mode according to Sapienza guidelines.

Google Meet links to attend online courses from October 5th can be found here

OPIS (Student’s Opinions Questionnaires) go here for instructions. Consult course page for OPIS course code.

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